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Capture, Manage, Integrate & Analyze Data

TransLution Software™ collects, manages and automates data across manufacturing, warehousing and other organizations.

Take control of your production and business processes.
Gather manufacturing, warehousing and business process data. Streamline data seamlessly with financial software like SYSPRO and other third party systems to transform the way you do business.
Track and manage data across your entire enterprise
Improve and streamline your business processes


Data Acquisition & Tracking

Track materials, resources and other business data automatically with a simple interface. Resolve your production problems immediately with real-time access to the data at each stage in the production process.

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Internal Business System Integration

Integrate seamlessly with internal business systems such as ERP software. Scale to support hundreds of devices and thousands of transactions per hour.


Third-party Business Software Integration

Integrate production and ERP data with business systems outside of your organization for seamless data processing across the supply chain.

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Advanced Data Analysis

Ensure consistent quality standards and keep well-documented reports including real-time recording of lot number controls, labor, machine usage and quality testing.

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What our customers say

Challenges Addressed

Some of the challenges addressed by TransLution™ Software

Some of our clients

Latest News

  • Dolomite Franchi Italy Implements Translution™ Software To Reorganize Finished Goods Receipting And Improve Sales Order Fulfillment +
    Dolomite Franchi, an Italy-based dolomite refractory products manufacturer, chose to implement TransLution™ Software in order to reorganize finished goods receipting and improve sales order fulfillment.

    Within the first four weeks of using Translution™ Software, 9000 pallets had been produced and more than 7000 pallets were shipped to happy customers.

  • What’s New in TransLution V50 – Release Date 24 Aug 2018 +
  • The new TransLution™ EazyTouch user interface +
    As many of you may now know, TransLution™ Software is now available on Android devices. Our future development plans for the TransLution™ Android application are focussed around extending the application to include the same kinds of grids and features you can find in our current EazyTouch product.

    What you may not know is we have also been hard at work updating the TransLution™ EazyTouch user interface. This project is near completion, and we aim to have our new design launched within the next few weeks. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at some of the features and grids that we will be unveiling in our next release.

  • Reseller Feature: The Syllogist Group +
    In mid-2017 the Syllogist Group started working with TransLution™ Software to assist their clients to gain more value from their Syspro investment. With long standing relationships build over years of dedicated service, the Syllogist team recognised that many of their clients needed to add a data tracking and capturing solution to their processes to enhance their client’s stock control and use of Syspro Multi-Bin functionality. Through careful analysis of several different solutions in the market a strategic partnership was established with TransLution™ Software.


Latest Case Studies

    St Leger & Viney is the leading distributor of decorative fabrics and wall-coverings to South Africa’s design industry professionals. The large quantities of fabric stock moving through the warehouse requires accurate receiving, dye batch management, tracking and distribution. Afrisoft Africa deployed TransLution™ Software to address the challenges faced by St Leger & Viney in their production processes.

  • STOCK MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: Melco Conveyor Equipment +
    Melco is one of the world’s major conveyor equipment manufacturers, building and supplying idlers/rollers, motorised pulleys, and supporting structure for the bulk materials handling industry. Managing, monitoring and controlling stock and waste poses a significant challenge with projects that utilise such a large volume of individual components, so Melco implemented TransLution™ Software to improve stock management efficiency.

    Splashworks, a leader in the wholesale distribution of plumbing and sanitary-ware in South Africa, is faced with the daily challenge of traceability within their product distribution. The ability to track multiple items against purchase orders ensures that distribution is accurate and efficient. For this reason, Splashworks employed TransLution™ Software to advance the checking process and ultimately improve traceability in the distribution process.

    Tevo is a major South African retailer specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products. With customers across the country and a multitude of products, this extensive operation faces multiple challenges in distribution. Afrisoft Africa deployed TransLution™ Software to address these challenges by improving the organisation’s sales order checking and returns checking functions.