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Capture, Manage, Integrate & Analyze Data

TransLution Software™ collects, manages and automates data across manufacturing, warehousing and other organizations.

Take control of your production and business processes.
Gather manufacturing, warehousing and business process data. Streamline data seamlessly with financial software like SYSPRO and other third party systems to transform the way you do business.
Track and manage data across your entire enterprise
Improve and streamline your business processes


Data Acquisition & Tracking

Track materials, resources and other business data automatically with a simple interface. Resolve your production problems immediately with real-time access to the data at each stage in the production process.

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Internal Business System Integration

Integrate seamlessly with internal business systems such as ERP software. Scale to support hundreds of devices and thousands of transactions per hour.


Third-party Business Software Integration

Integrate production and ERP data with business systems outside of your organization for seamless data processing across the supply chain.

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Advanced Data Analysis

Ensure consistent quality standards and keep well-documented reports including real-time recording of lot number controls, labor, machine usage and quality testing.

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What our customers say

Challenges Addressed

Some of the challenges addressed by TransLution™ Software

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Latest News

  • Pressure Die Castings uses TransLution™ to post data directly to SYSPRO +
    Pressure Die Castings, an innovative supplier of brass, aluminium and zinc castings, uses Translution™ to create inventory (gasket and box) labels and to post a first level backflush directly to SYSPRO. Translution™ validates that there is sufficient quantity of the components in the first level of the Bill of Materials before posting.

  • MONN Carpets uses TransLution™ for to manage inventory +
    MONN Carpets, a leading manufacturer of premium-quality carpets, uses TransLution™ as an inventory management tool. Users print stock labels displaying the stock code, description, lot number, receiving order, and a unique barcode.

    Upon receiving stock, the labels are applied and scanned to transfer stock into a location. These labels are also scanned to transfer stock from one location to another and when dispatching stock. All stock movements are tracked and logged and the quantities of the stock in the different bin locations are updated.

  • Jonsson Manufacturing Lesotho uses TransLution™ Software for Receiving, Transfers and Picking +
    Jonsson Manufacturing in Lesotho is a revolutionary workwear-focused business, supplying quality, strong and durable garments to the international market. The implementation of TransLution™ was rolled out in three phases, ensuring that each phase was successful before moving on to the next.

  • Finlar Fine Foods Cape Town implements TransLution to improve pallet packing +
    Finlar Fine Foods supplies world standard food products to the food service and retail markets. Finlar Foods’ Cape Town operation uses Translution to print detailed stock and pallet labels, each with unique barcodes. The stock labels are applied to boxes and scanned to pack a pallet. The user has an option of packing a part or full pallet.


Latest Case Studies

    St Leger & Viney is the leading distributor of decorative fabrics and wall-coverings to South Africa’s design industry professionals. The large quantities of fabric stock moving through the warehouse requires accurate receiving, dye batch management, tracking and distribution. Afrisoft Africa deployed TransLution™ Software to address the challenges faced by St Leger & Viney in their production processes.

  • STOCK MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: Melco Conveyor Equipment +
    Melco is one of the world’s major conveyor equipment manufacturers, building and supplying idlers/rollers, motorised pulleys, and supporting structure for the bulk materials handling industry. Managing, monitoring and controlling stock and waste poses a significant challenge with projects that utilise such a large volume of individual components, so Melco implemented TransLution™ Software to improve stock management efficiency.

    Splashworks, a leader in the wholesale distribution of plumbing and sanitary-ware in South Africa, is faced with the daily challenge of traceability within their product distribution. The ability to track multiple items against purchase orders ensures that distribution is accurate and efficient. For this reason, Splashworks employed TransLution™ Software to advance the checking process and ultimately improve traceability in the distribution process.

    Tevo is a major South African retailer specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products. With customers across the country and a multitude of products, this extensive operation faces multiple challenges in distribution. Afrisoft Africa deployed TransLution™ Software to address these challenges by improving the organisation’s sales order checking and returns checking functions.