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Updating data in SYSPRO directly from your scanners

TransLution™ Software integrates seamlessly with SYSPRO for immediate and direct data collection from the shop floor.

How TransLution™ Integrates with SYSPRO

TransLution TransLution™ Software uses barcode scanners and touch-screen computers, as well as direct integration to scales, flow meters, analytical testing equipment, and other plant equipment to update SYSPRO directly from your production floor or warehouse.

Using simple screens, TransLution Software updates SYSPRO purchase orders, job receipts, interwarehouse transfers, bin-to-bin transfers, sales orders, and other stock and quality related information from the manufacturing floor and the warehouse.

TransLution™ integrates information captured by scanners or PCs on the production floor to SYSPRO, using the standard library of SYSPRO Business Objects.

TransLution™ is independent of SYSPRO. Version upgrades to SYSPRO or TransLution™ happen without risk to the integration process. If a new business object is created by SYSPRO or a new business object is required, it is simply added to the TransLution™ library. No programming changes are needed.

The benefits of integrating TransLution™ with SYSPRO

SYSPRO is immediately updated from activities happening in the factory and warehouse.

Improved accuracy of SYSPRO stock data

A range of validations can be configured to prevent user errors

Automatic document creation – e.g. If a SYSPRO Sales Order is fully picked and verified, a delivery note and invoice may be automatically generated

Grouping of multiple transactions – e.g. If a product is scanned at the end of a production process, WIP transactions of previous steps can be automatically posted.

Integrating TransLution™ and SYSPRO will dramatically improve your business

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How simple is it to integrate SYSPRO and TransLution™ Software?

Simple! See for yourself how easy some of the common tasks are using barcode scanners and SYSPRO:

How to Receive Stock in SYSPRO Using a Barcode Scanner
How to Adjust Stock In SYSPRO Using a Barcode Scanner
How to Complete Bin-to-Bin Transfers in SYSPRO Using a Barcode Scanner
How to Post a Job Receipt to SYSPRO Using a Barcode Scanner

Is SYSPRO integration the only reason to use TransLution™ Software?

Integration to SYSPRO is great and has obvious advantages but TransLution™ offers so much more:

  • TransLution™ Software is simple to use. It eliminates data capture errors by using buttons and step-by-step instructions on your scanner or PC screens that match your production processes.
  • TransLution™ leverages your existing investment in SYSPRO through automated updates from your production and warehouse operations.
  • TransLution™ is configured to match your processes, validating data captured against pre-set standards and improving data accuracy
  • TransLution™ Software records stock movements and quality data as it happens providing line managers with:
    • Real-time yield management
    • Production quality control at each production stage
    • Reduced stock losses and manufacturing delays through improved stock management
    • Quality certification of finished products including creation of Certificates of Origin/Authenticity
    • Improved order fulfillment and increased production output

Frequently Asked Questions:

What hardware do I need to use TransLution™?
TransLution™ software operates on wireless scanners and Windows PCs used by operators in your plant and warehouse.

You say that you have standard functions. I use Lot Traceable Items, do you support these too?
Yes, we support both lot traceable and serialised items in our standard functions

What happens if I use bins in my warehouse/s?
We support both warehouses with and without bins

You talk about posting transactions but what about creating business documents?
While we have previously used our EazyScan functionality to create Jobs and to receive purchase orders, with version 3.51 we have now also go the ability to create documents such as dispatch notes, SCTs and even sales or purchase order

How do I know which operator is responsible for a specific transaction?
We have a full audit trail. Each Syspro journal is logged with our scanner jobs as the user and the scan time and date.

Some companies who integrate TransLution™ and SYSPRO in their warehouses and factories:

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