Manufacturing with TransLution

Simplifying production processes & creating visibility

Fully Configurable Manufacturing Tools

At TransLution, we understand that many production processes are unique, which is why we’ve designed our software to be fully configurable.

Our software allows you to create tailored solutions that precisely address your specific manufacturing requirements, whether it’s ensuring precise material tracking, waste management, or accurate labor monitoring.

Out-of-the-box functionality

In addition to tailored solutions, TransLution also offers standard out-of-the-box functionality. This ready-made functionality is designed to expedite your implementation process and keep your costs in check. It’s a quick, cost-effective solution that can help you get up and running with minimal time and resources. It comes pre-configured with standard functions, labels, documents, and reports.

TransLution’s standard functionality caters for:

  • Standard and lot traceable stock
  • Warehouses with bins
  • SYSPRO integration only


WIP Material Tracking

Key Features

  • Job Issues: TransLution’s job issues functionality gives you the ability to view details for open jobs and print a job pick list showing all stock required to be issued to the job. Stock is then scanned to issue it directly to the job. A negative issue function is provided to return stock from the job. TransLution ships with a standard job pick list.
  • Job Receipts: With TransLution’s job receipt functionality you can receipt stock as it is produced with a simple scanning process. Theoretical labor is also posted to the job as the job receipt is done. A negative receipt function is provided to correct any errors.

"Average of 5% increase in production when starting to measure OEE’s.”

WIP Labor Tracking

Key Features

  • Data Logging: With TransLution’s standard labor tracking functionality, operators can effortlessly start and stop work in real time from the factory floor. Different types of work logs can be captured, accounting for breaks and downtime.
  • Reporting: Gain insight into your operations by tracking your operators and monitoring their tasks in real-time. Review detailed time logs and seamlessly post this information to SYSPRO, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and accessible.

"Increased production by 30+% at Montagu’s line 3 by identifying and removing lost production time.”

From our Customers

"Increased yield by around 2% and ROI was less than 2 months."
Finlar Jhb (South Africa)
"Justified CAPEX for a new line."
Montagu (South Africa)
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