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Managing Quality with TransLution™

TransLution Software Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Tracking & Traceability Tools

Designed to simplify the capture and management of all your quality data.

TransLution QMS is designed to simplify the capture and management of all your quality data. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly features, our QMS simplifies quality control tasks, allowing your team to operate seamlessly while maintaining real-time accuracy in all aspects of your quality management. The system seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, ensuring a harmonious workflow that empowers your team to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and achieve the highest standards of quality.

TransLution QMS comprehensively addresses your quality requirements across the entire production journey. At the raw material receiving stage, effortlessly capture quality test results for each batch, along with other necessary inspections like vehicle and packaging assessments. Ensure peak production conditions by documenting pre-production checks and conducting periodic testing of environmental factors and equipment. TransLution QMS facilitates streamlined finished product testing and allows you to monitor storage conditions with ease.

By pairing TransLution QMS with TransLution WMS and TransLution MES, you can ensure that your raw materials and finished goods do not move unless they are compliant. 

Key Features

Quality Management


Digital Transformation

Paperless Quality Process

Eliminate paper-based records and streamline your workflow with our fully digital system. All quality data is captured, stored, and managed electronically, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Immediate Data Visibility

Access real-time data through comprehensive reporting, trending, and analysis tools. Gain immediate insights and make informed decisions quickly.


Print COAs and other compliance documentation. Define your own report layouts as required for your business.

Expert Sample Management

Complete Traceability

Effortlessly link individual samples to their respective batches. This feature allows you to trace all quality details related to a batch, ensuring that you have a full understanding of the production process from start to finish.

Enhanced Quality Control

By associating samples with batches, you can monitor and manage quality data seamlessly. Detect and address any issues promptly, ensuring that only products meeting your high standards reach the market.

Quality Management


Quality Management


User-Friendly Setup

Self-Service Configuration

Set up products and tests without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Enjoy the freedom to customize your system according to your specific requirements.

Intuitive Interface

Navigate through the setup process with an intuitive interface that simplifies configuration. Save time and reduce the need for external support, empowering your team to take full control.

From our Customers

“Our experience with TransLution software surpassed expectations, aligning seamlessly with International quality standards.”
Quality Auditor, European Food and Beverage Manufacturer

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