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Take control of your production and business processes.
Gather manufacturing, warehousing and business process data. Streamline data seamlessly with financial software like SYSPRO and other third party systems to transform the way you do business.
Track and manage data across your entire enterprise
Improve and streamline your business processes


Data Acquisition & Tracking

Track materials, resources and other business data automatically with a simple interface. Resolve your production problems immediately with real-time access to the data at each stage in the production process.

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Software Integration

Integrate seamlessly with internal business systems such as ERP software. Scale to support hundreds of devices and thousands of transactions per hour.

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Hardware Integration

In addition to reading barcodes, TransLution™ can integrate with virtually communicate with virtually any type of scale or weighbridge, as well as providing two-way communication with IoT devices. 

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Visualization & Reporting

Use our specially designed data query and visualization tools to identify bottlenecks and problem areas, and effectively and timeously resolve issues to continuously improve operations.

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Challenges Addressed

Some of the challenges addressed by TransLution™ Software

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Latest News

  • SPG International Goes Live with TransLution™ Software +
    SPG International is the world's leading manufacturer of storage systems, producing products in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and wire. SPG recently faced the challenge of upgrading to SYSPRO 8 ERP software, and with the upgrade decided to replace an outdated barcode scanning system that no longer met their needs.

    SPG turned to TransLution™ Software as a platform for automating and streamlining data collection in the warehouse and on the shop floor.

  • Middleby Corporation expands TransLution implementation to manage Electronic data interchange (EDI) +
    The Middleby Corporation is a world leader in three business segments: commercial cooking, industrial baking and processing and residential appliances. Middleby Corporation has long used TransLution™ Software, integrated with SYSPRO, for supply chain logistics, and has recently expanded TransLution™ to manage EDI communications for sales order shipments.

  • Cecil Vinegar Works Rolls Out Phase Two of its TransLution™ Implementation +
    Cecil Vinegar has been manufacturing naturally fermented vinegar since 1936.  All their vinegars are produced from natural ingredients using the latest submerge fermentation technology.

    Cecil Vinegar is part of the Libstar Group and is one of the many group companies using TransLution™ Software.

  • Berry | Astrapak Plastform uses TransLution™ Software to facilitate the movement and management of stock +
    Berry | Astrapak, a specialised manufacturer of an extensive range of rigid moulded, and thermoformed plastic packaging products serving the African market, is using TransLution at eight of their sites across South Africa. Plastform, the division providing the market with a wide range of thermoformed and moulded packaging, is the latest site to go live with TransLution™. During this project, TransLution was implemented at Plastform to facilitate the movement and management of stock. The goal was to implement a scanning solution which would assist users to track stock while enforcing consistent and reliable warehouse practices.


Latest Case Studies

  • CASE STUDY: Improving Productivity, stock accuracy and efficiency for TrafFix Devices, Inc. +
    TrafFix Devices, Inc. is a 34-year-old manufacturer of traffic control devices and crash attenuation products that save lives on the world’s highways. Based in Southern California, their products are designed and engineered to meet the highway requirements of countries all over the world.

    With a distribution network spanning the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Mexico and the Middle East, TrafFix requires streamlined productivity, high stock accuracy and most importantly, efficiency. On evaluation, TransLution™ Software ticked all the boxes – a comprehensive, configurable solution using barcode scanning and RF functionality from the point of receipt through to put away, transfers, manufacturing, order processing, pick and pack and dispatch with speed and accuracy.

  • CASE STUDY: Spare parts management with Middleby Corporation +
    Middleby Corporation Uses TransLution™ Software to Manage Spare Parts for Appliances: The Middleby Corporation is a world leader in three business segments: commercial cooking, industrial baking and processing, and residential appliances. After the successful roll-out of TransLution™ Software in the Residential Appliances segment of the business, Middleby elected to implement TransLution™ to manage the spare parts for these appliances. The Middleby parts department ships approximately 250 sales orders per day, in a warehouse with about 20 000 bins containing 15 000 parts – each with a unique item code. With so many codes and such a large warehouse to manage, the goal of the project was to not only track items, but also to optimize labor usage among warehouse staff. TransLution™ was the ideal system for the project.

  • CASE STUDY: Scanning and Tracking Proof of Delivery Documents at Academy Brushware +
    Academy Brushware worked with Afrisoft Africa to implement a system for scanning and tracking proof of delivery documents in SYSPRO Afrisoft Africa works with companies from many different industries to automate and improve a variety of warehousing and manufacturing processes. Academy Brushware, a large South African manufacturer and distributor of painting hardware and brooms, has worked with Afrisoft in the past to implement TransLution™ Software barcode scanning and automation across many parts of their warehouse, including stock take, checking and scanning to cages. One of their newer and unique requirements for their TransLution™ System was the ability to scan and track their proof of delivery documents within SYSPRO.

  • LABOR TRACKING CASE STUDY: Airborne Systems +
    Airborne Systems is the world’s most trusted resource for parachute design and manufacturing. With the expertise of highly skilled engineers, craftsmen and aerospace and defense professionals, they have a foundation of nearly 100 years of designing, developing and fabricating a diverse range of products for the U.S. Department of Defense (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) and their international allies. Due to the nature of their business it is critical that Airborne effectively track labor throughout their manufacturing process. However, they were using manual time and job cards that were then manually captured in spreadsheets by back-office staff. The process was inefficient, slow, and cumbersome and resulted in dated information available in their SYSPRO ERP software. It became clear to Airborne that this system needed to be improved.