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Extend your management system to integrate seamlessly with hardware and other devices

How it Works

TransLution™ Software is designed around an understanding of integration, creating new ways to integrate your hardware and software. In addition to reading barcodes, TransLution can integrate and communicate with virtually any type of scale or weighbridge, as well as providing two-way communication with IoT devices. 


Scale & Weighbridge Integration

TransLution™ Software supports the ability to communicate with virtually any type of scale or weighbridge.

The system can easily read data directly from the device and log the results into a database.

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Two-Way EQUIPMENT Communication

TransLution™ Software can interface with electronic Input/Output (IO) devices on the factory floor to record information and trigger events using pre-programmed settings from your ERP.

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High Speed Weighing and Labelling

TransLution™ Software EazyWeigh can assist manufacturers who have variable weight products with high-speed weighing and labeling during the packing process.

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Data is captured through simple interface devices during each step the production process

TransLution™ relays the information in real-time to your internal business systems such as SYSPRO

Data is integrated with third-party systems to streamline information across the supply chain

Effective reporting and analysis of data allows  immediate changes to the production line