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Overcome the challenges of quality management & traceability

TransLution™ Software Quality Manager promotes consistency in sample taking, accuracy of test data, and makes test results available to operations staff outside the laboratory.

How it Works

Food producers today are faced with a range of requirements that they need to satisfy. There are a number of legislative standards to be complied with. Customers such as retailers and distributors are adding a number of requirements to allow
them to better manage their product quality and business processes.

Companies today are sensitive to the responsibility they bear to the consumer to deliver not only reliable quality but also to support proper product labeling, tracking and support for product recalls when necessary.

Manual recording of samples and test results on clipboards and spreadsheets is often inaccurate and subject to operator manipulation. Quality Manager promotes consistency in sample taking, accuracy of test data, and makes test results available to operations staff outside the laboratory.


  • Computer-generated barcode labels are applied to samples
  • Sample results are compared to pre-set standards and are presented in management dashboards
  • Date, time and operator are recorded on all sample and testing activity
  • Customizable test types and standards
  • SYSPRO integration for receiving, production and finished product
  • Replaces spreadsheets and clipboards with a database of samples and test results
  • Easy generation of accurate certificates of compliance and reports


Raw Material Receiving Inspection Report
During receiving, the user will enter the invoice number which lists the tests required for the Inspection Report. During the receiving process supplier batch codes are logged and pallet and unit labels are printed for each item received.

Quality data can also be captured during the storage of raw materials. This test logs the temperature of cold storage units.

Scaling and Batch Processing
During the batching process, each item (ingredient) is weighed and batched against a bill of materials (recipe). Batches are labeled and readied for production.

Pre-Production Checks
Environmental factors and equipment are tested prior to production. Production does not commence until all checks have been completed correctly.

TransLution™ can be integrated into production equipment and devices. The capture and availability of accurate quality data throughout the production process ensures that the correct procedures are followed for quality management.

Loading & Dispatch
TransLution™ also captures data from road weigh-bridges. This example shows the sales order, driver, weight, and time and date of weigh-in for a number of trucks that have left for shipping on one particular order.

Enabling Traceability
Once the information has been logged and posted to the SYSPRO software, it can be immediately accessed electronically. All data for a particular document number can be viewed.

Real-life examples: How businesses have used TransLution™ for Quality Management


Data is captured through simple interface devices during each step the production process

TransLution™ relays the information in real-time to your internal business systems such as SYSPRO

Data is integrated with third-party systems to streamline information across the supply chain

Effective reporting and analysis of data allows  immediate changes to the production line