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Seamlessly integrate information captured on the production floor and in the warehouse with other business tools and external business partners.

How it Works

TransLution™ Software is designed around an understanding of integration. Its ability to log data directly to database tables or to XML files in the format and structure required by the third-party system is what makes TransLution™ ideal as an integration solution.

TransLution™ supports multiple devices such as wireless barcode scanners, touch-screen PCs and tablet PCs, and makes this data available as part of your business information both within your business and outside of it.


A consumer goods company uses TransLution™ to check all sales orders as items are scanned and packed into boxes. The resulting information about each box, including the delivery address details, box dimensions and box weight, are sent directly to the third-party courier telling them in advance what to expect. Boxes are pre-labeled as they are checked rather than being labeled by the courier, saving money and improving accuracy.

TransLution™ reads raw material product test results at a milling company from a third-party bulk stock handling system. It combines this with finished goods results to provide a complete product quality history to the business management software.

An automotive components manufacturing company uses TransLution™ to read the daily orders directly from their customer’s management system. This data is used to manage the daily picking and packing processes. Once all orders for the day are packed, TransLution™ generates an Advance Shipment Notification which is sent to the customer as the truck leaves site. This ensures they know exactly what to expect and when it will arrive.

A mining company that ships spares and parts to mines in different countries uses TransLution™ to capture data about the goods and create files with this information. These files are then used by TransLution™ to create warehouse transfer documents informing the mines about what stock to expect.


Data is captured through simple interface devices during each step the production process

TransLution™ relays the information in real-time to your internal business systems such as SYSPRO

Data is integrated with third-party systems to streamline information across the supply chain

Effective reporting and analysis of data allows  immediate changes to the production line