TransLution™ Software – Visualization & Reporting

TransLution™ Software provides a number of tools for visualizing and analyzing operational data in real time

How it works

TransLution™ Software is designed to not only capture data, but also to present that data in a way that can be utilized to improve business processes. Using our specially designed data query and visualization tools, managers can identify bottlenecks and problem areas, and effectively and timeously resolve issues to continuously improve operations.

The TransLution™ Advantage

By its nature, TransLution™ already tracks and stores operational data that is not necessarily available elsewhere. The TransLution advantage is in the scope of data captured. This deep level of information is made available by TransLution™’s  visualization & reporting tools.

For example, TransLution knows which worker packed which cartons, put away which products, and worked on which production jobs. The data is recorded by date, time, worker, and location, with the relevant details related to the task as a function of the various operational tasks.

Visualization Tool

The TransLution™ visualization tool allows managers to identify areas of importance and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), providing a real time view of what is happening on the floor.

The tool provides a platform for users to configure multiple charts to visually view and analyze process data. These charts are easily available from within the TransLution™ interface, allowing managers to analyze data in real time, and quickly and effectively adapt workflows and processes to address issues.

Key Features

Charts are easily available from within the TransLution™ interface, allowing managers to analyze data in real time

Managers can quickly and effectively adapt workflows and processes to address issues

Find or confirm bottlenecks in operations, manage worker KPIs, and determine what measure of work has been completed and by whom

Place charts and graphs side by compare data in different ways, or view different sets of data on the same form

Supports column charts, line charts, and pie charts, and allows users to configure their own forms

Allow different users to see different visualization information – define chart permissions per user

Query Tool

Created to optimize efficient data access, TransLution™ Query Tool searches internal and external databases and presents information in custom tailored views on screen, with drill-down, print, and export-to-spreadsheet capabilities.

Query Tool improves efficiency even further by automating processing, publishing, and email distribution of query reports on a schedule for both internal and external users.

Key Features

Show data from multiple data sources in a single query

Information can be grouped and summed with details available. Dynamic view controls mean you no longer have to print long reports then search for details manually

Searches internal and third-party databases, and presents information in custom-tailored screen views

Drill-down, print, and export-to-spreadsheet capabilities. Dynamically group queried data and drill to deeper levels of detail using secondary queries

Pre-defined and customized data queries across TransLution™, ERP systems, and other third-party systems

User security is available on each query view to protect sensitive financial information

“It takes me more time to show a new employee where things are than to train them to use TransLution™.”

“System training for a new employee is no more than 10 minutes – if they can read they can use TransLution™.” – Production Supervisor, Mining Equipment Manufacturing

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Data is captured through simple interface devices during each step the production process

TransLution™ relays the information in real-time to your internal business systems such as SYSPRO

Data is integrated with third-party systems to streamline information across the supply chain

Effective reporting and analysis of data allows  immediate changes to the production line


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