New PO Receiving Module Released

Afrisoft has released a new PO receiving module for TransLution that is fully integrated with Syspro using the PO business objects. This module supports a range of different receiving options including

Receiving standard items
Receiving standard items using a reference number
Receiving lot traceable items (with expiry date)
Receiving standard items linked to a job
Receiving standard items linked to a job also using a reference number

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Scanning Functionality White Paper

Afrisoft has released the first of a series of white papers explaining some of the key features and benefits of TransLution. This white paper focuses specifically on some of the power and flexibility offered by the TransLution scanning software. This software is so flexible that it can even be used in applications that bear no relation to TransLution or even warehousing and manufacturing implementations.

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Introduction to Barcodes

Are you interested in implementing a scanning system but you are not sure where to start? Are all the buzzwords and catchphrases just too confusing and unclear? Afrisoft has released a white paper intended to remove some of the mystery and introduce some of the important concepts around barcodes and barcode scanning in a clear and easy to read manner. The information supplied here relates to barcodes and barcode scanning only and applies to any environment not only TransLution implementations.

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