Seamless ERP Integration

Seamless ERP & Systems Integration

Designed around an understanding of integration

The benefits of updating your system data directly from your scanners

Immediate and direct data collection from the shop floor

Certified Integration Standards

  • Data captured on the production floor integrates into SYSPRO, using their standard library of SYSPRO Business Objects.
  • Version upgrades to SYSPRO or TransLution™ happen without risk to the integration process. 
  • Activity captured on the shop floor is stored in the TransLution™ database facilitating seamless integration to SYSPRO or other business software

Extend SYSPRO Across the Shop Floor

  • Update SYSPRO directly from your production floor or warehouse using multiple devices including:
    • Barcode scanners and touch-screen computers
    • Scales and weighbridges
    • Flow meters
    • Analytical testing equipment
    • Other plant equipment 

Automate Your Document Creation

  • Reduce administrative workload by automating document creation directly from shop floor processes – fully picked sales orders will automatically generate a dispatch note and optionally generate the sales invoice.
  • Multiple activities can be grouped creating a series of SYSPRO updates– products scanned at the end of a production process will automatically post WIP transactions for the prior production steps.

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More benefits of seamless data integration across your business

  • Accurate stock management
  • Dramatic reduction in wastage
  • Increase order fill rates
  • Eliminate returns due to shipping errors
  • Effectively manage and improve the quality of products and services
  • Have trackable data available across the entire enterprise.
  • Reduce office administration workload
  • Eliminate errors as validation occurs
  • Accurate, timely invoicing
  • And more…

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“Setup can take time but if you make use of the system properly, it’s worth every second. The TransLution™ system gives me a much better grip on what’s happening on the factory floor. It’s not the kind of information you could have unless you were able to personally be at every machine during every step of the manufacturing process.”

Manie Paulsen, Production Foreman at Melco

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