FEATURE: Managing Display Sequence in Flow Step Maintenance in TransLution™

While the display sequence of steps is managed by the Next step defined on each step, it is useful to view the steps on the Flow Step Maintenance Form in the sequence that users will see them.

If you build a function in sequence, this happens by default. However, you may have found yourself with a function with multiple steps – say 20 or 30 – and you need to add a new step. The step will be added at the bottom of the grid when really you want it near the top.

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FEATURE: Improving Availability of SYSPRO Pooled Operators using TransLution™

Since the release of TransLution™ V5.4 it is possible to configure a pool of SYSPRO Operators and TransLution™ will use the first available operator to do the required SYSPRO post. This allows for far more scalability than in the past when a fixed operator was used for all posts of a certain type.

One occurrence when using pooled operators is that if for some reason a logoff fails, that operator may be marked as “in use” to the system, thereby making the pool of available operators smaller. If this happens two or three times, eventually it may affect the ability of the software to do the required posts if it sees some or all of the pooled operators as unavailable.

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Validating Data in TransLution™ Software

TransLution™ is delivered with a large library of standard SYSPRO validations to validate item codes, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and host of other data in SYSPRO. It is very important to know, however, that there is also a range of non-SYSPRO-related standard validations available to users.

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Decision Steps in TransLution™ Software

TransLution™ supports the concept of a decision step – a way to manage the process flow that the end-user sees.

For example, if the user scans an item barcode for a lot-traceable item, we want to ask them to enter the lot number. However, if the item scanned is not lot-traceable, we want to miss that step.

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Manipulating Data in TransLution™ Software

There are many times when the barcode you scan does not represent exactly the data that is required by your system. It may be that you are scanning a retail EAN-13 barcode but you need to find the stock code, or that your barcode consists of multiple elements such as ItemCode-LotNumber-Quantity. There may be some leading zeroes or trailing characters you wish to truncate.

TransLution™ offers a range of standard manipulations that you can use to take a scanned piece of data and deliver the result you need without doing any kind of programming or custom logic.

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Managing Setup & Configuration of Multiple Scanners and Devices

In this post we are looking at some of the ways that TransLution™ can assist with managing a large number of devices for scanning and data capture.

First, TransLution™ is easily able to create multiple copies of a device with a single click of a button. In the example below we created one device called AND_01. Now with a single mouse click you can create nine more devices with exactly the same configuration, named AND_02 to AND_10.

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