Using TransLution to Improve Accuracy and Performance in your Production Processes

TransLution™ Software is delivered with a range of standard templates to assist you in managing your production processes. We offer solutions for Picking and Issuing Stock to jobs, doing Job Receipts, Labour Posting, as well as Kit Issues and Backflush.

All of our functions have been designed to integrate directly into the various SYSPRO WIP functions, meaning that your operators can focus on the task at hand knowing that the SYSPRO stock picture will be automatically updated as products are scanned and moved on the production line. Below you will find links to our Manufacturing Brochure as well as a case study to highlight the success experienced by one of our clients.

Key Features:

  • Tracking: Track your stock and business data automatically with a simple interface. Resolve your warehousing problems immediately with real-time access to the data at each stage in the production process.
  • SYSPRO Integration: Integrate seamlessly with internal business systems such SYSPRO.
  • Scalability: Scale to support hundreds of devices and thousands of transactions per hour.
  • Advanced Data Analysis & Reporting: Ensure consistent quality standards and keep well-documented reports. TransLution™ can be customised for in-depth review and analysis.
  • User Customization: Customize and configure your setup up to integrate with existing processes and system or have an installer assist you.
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