Stock Accuracy in Real-time

99% Stock Accuracy & Visibility in Real-time

Simple, fast stock tracking tools anyone can use

The stock benefits of using TransLution™ Software

Warehouse & Inventory Tracking Tools

Accuracy at Every Step 

  • Simple interface devices such as scanners and touchscreens capture stock data from barcode labels, report printers, scanners, and scales during each step of your warehouse processes.
  • Accurate, up-to-date information is recorded in real-time in your internal business and accounting systems.

‘Preventing Stupid’ with User Prompts

  • Direct warehouse workflow using a simple interface that guides workers through completing tasks in the most efficient way.
  • Tasks and processes are customized to each worker, with step-by-step prompts for standard warehouse transactions.
Daily KPI's
Monthly KPI's

Real-Time Operational Visibility

  • Track workers daily activities and manage warehouse inefficiencies in real time with visualization tools.

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Real-Time Stock Accuracy

More ways we can improve your stock accuracy

From the shop floor to the finance department

We bridge the gap between the physical movement of materials and labor on the shop floor, and the document-based world of financial management.

Simple, easy-to-configure warehouse transactions

Tasks and processes can be customized for each function, with step-by-step worker prompts for standard warehouse transactions:

  • Bin/Warehouse Transfers
  • Receiving and Put Away
  • Replenishment
  • Cycle Count
  • Stock Take

Pick, pack & ship simplified

Simplify the order fulfilment process by:

  • Managing and prioritizing tasks for pickers
  • Validating all picked goods against sales orders and dispatch notes
  • Ensuring that goods are dispatched according to priority
  • Triggering automatic invoicing at the end of the packing process

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

The TransLution™ System has made a huge impact on our planning. Before, it took us 3-5 days to update our plan in Excel. Now all of the stock data and figures are pulled into the spreadsheet automatically and it only takes us three hours.

Sakkie Smuts, Lancewood

Ready to see what TransLution™ Software can do for your warehouse management & inventory control?

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