Simple, Easy to use tools

Simple Systems & Tools Anyone Can Use

Boost productivity & on-board new staff quickly and easily

The benefits of the simplicity of TransLution™ Software

Improve your production efficiency, data accuracy and business control

Simple, customized user interface

  • Simple, large buttons,  with clear step-by-step instructions for use.
  • Examples include buttons to print labels, view picking orders or stock count data, or reveal production instructions.

Speak the right language

  • Users see screens in their language of choice.
  • Barcode labels produced by the system can also have descriptions in multiple languages.
  • System training for a new employee is no more than 10 minutes – if they can read, they can use TransLution™.

Simplifying complex processes

  • Data captured on the shop floor is used to complete multiple admin and process functions, eliminating the need to duplicate processes.
  • The user is guided through a step-by-step process using simple prompts while TransLution™ automatically posts data for all the required background financial and admin processes to complete the job.

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More ways to boost your productivity with simple tools

More "built-in" system simplicity

Seamless quality data gathering

  • Information is gathered easily and efficiently using barcode scanners and touch-screen computers.
  • Direct integration to scales, flow meters, analytical testing devices, and other plant equipment gives you control over all your shop floor processes.
  • Devices have an extremely simple interface customized to each user that is logged on.

Real-time visibility across the enterprise

  • Replace clipboards and spreadsheets with quality data shared across the enterprise.
  • Data captured is stored in the TransLution™ MS-SQL database, providing information access in real-time across the business.

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“It takes me more time to show a new employee where things are than to train them to use TransLution™.
System training for a new employee is no more than 10 minutes – if they can read they can use TransLution™.”

Production Supervisor, Mining Equipment Manufacturing

Ready to see what TransLution™ Software can do to streamline your operations?

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