Relevant Reporting & KPI Tracking

Track Your KPIs in Real time

Track production against daily, weekly or monthly targets

The production benefits of using TransLution™ Software

Visualizations Tools

Instant Production Overview

  • Charts are easily available from within the TransLution™ interface, allowing managers to analyze data in real time.
  • Find or confirm bottlenecks in operations, manage worker KPIs, and determine what measure of work has been completed and by whom.

Improve Workforce Accountability

  • Know which worker packed which cartons, put away which products, and worked on which production jobs.
  • Data is recorded by date, time, worker, and location, with the relevant details related to the task as a function of the various operational tasks.

Real-time Visibility Across the Enterprise

  • The ability to query internal and external databases allows for custom tailored views on screen, with drill-down, print, and export-to-spreadsheet capabilities.
  • Reports can be automated for processing, publishing, and distribution via email for both internal and external users.
  • User security is available on each query view to protect sensitive financial information.

Ready to see what TransLution™ Software can do for your business?

Tracking operations against KPIs

Tracking against daily targets

  •  Visualizations provide workers and management a real-time view of what is happening on the floor.
  • Analyze specific tasks such as orders shipped today vs. orders remaining, or production completed vs. planned and remaining.
  • Quickly and effectively adapt workflows and processes to address issues when needed.

Continuous improvement against KPIs 

  • The scope of operational data stored allows warehouse managers to analyze specific tasks and reveal the effectiveness of a process, team or person by comparing recent results to historical performance benchmarks.

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“We have learned a number of things as the rollout happened and have evolved the system to work around us. The staff have been very enthusiastic about the process. The staggered rollout created a level of status among checkers – they wanted to be the first to be upgraded to a computerised system and approached it with great eagerness.”

Mignonne Smith, Financial Manager Splashworks (PTY) Ltd.

Ready to see what TransLution™ Software can do for your reporting and KPI tracking?

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