Real-time Labor & Materials Tracking

Real-time labor & materials tracking

Production visibility as it happens

The materials & labor benefits of using TransLution™ Software

Labor & Materials Tracking Tools

Prioritize Your Stock Rotation

  • Materials are automatically validated against sales orders, prioritizing older materials for jobs to ensure stock rotation.
  • Materials are assigned to higher priority production jobs to ensure they are completed first.

Track Materials Usage to Manage Yield

  • Materials are scanned and weighed into production and assigned lot control numbers.
  • Raw materials, by-products, and waste are recorded at every production stage, providing actual yield for every batch.
  • Full, computer-based materials traceability across the entire process.

Resolve Bottlenecks As They Happen

  • Easy, step-by-step task instructions on handheld devices guide workers through tasks in the most efficient way.
  • Tasks can be customized for each production area or for individual workers, creating accountability among your workforce.
  • Managers have real-time insights into labor efficiency, stoppages, and problem areas.

Log Labor Tracking Data Directly to your ERP software

  • All worker data is tracked by job throughout production and posted to your ERP software
  • Management has full visibility of work happening on the shop floor at any point in time.
  • Tracking labor in real time provides the foundation for planning, scheduling, and billing.

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Real-Time Labor & Materials Tracking

More ways we can increase your operational efficiency

Creating accountability in your workforce

  • Greater labor productivity as a result of line-staff being conscious of the need to record daily activities
  • Improved insight into work stoppages and their causes, as a result of analyzing the transaction history
  • Increased insight into resource utilization and staff activities
  • Alignment of production schedules to reflect actual activities

Reducing administration workload

  • Significantly reduced office administration workload, as activity recording is performed by the operator then posted directly into the ERP
  • Elimination of errors as validation occurs at the time of data capture
  • Accurate time-based labor costing, as all job time can be recorded immediately
  • More accurate financial reporting as WIP status is recorded in real time.

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“It goes a long way in helping with accountability. Because we can scan the jobs at every point, we can see exactly where an error happens and why it’s happening. This can help us address challenges before they become problems.”

Wellington Saira, Welding Fabrication Technician at Melco.

Ready to see what TransLution™ Software can do for your labor and materials tracking?

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