Engineered Solutions

TransLution™ Engineered Solutions

Customized systems for your specific business requirements

A fully configurable data capture platform tailored to your workflow

With TransLution, you’re not limited to a standard solution; you can also get an engineered, tailored tool that aligns perfectly with your workflow.

At TransLution, we understand that every business is unique, and so are its operational needs. In addition to our standard Warehouse Management System(WMS) and Manufacturing Execution System(MES) products, we offer a versatile and fully configurable data capture platform that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. 

TransLution will work with you to fully scope and design a system that works for your specific business requirements. We will do a full business analysis, ensuring the system fits into your business process and addresses your specific pain points.

Not ready to implement a fully engineered solution?

TransLution offers you the flexibility to start with one of our standard products and seamlessly expand as your business evolves. TransLution’s remarkable versatility ensures it can adapt and grow alongside your changing business needs.

Our standard products

Think your business is too unique to work with our software? Think again.

Just some of the processes TransLution covers outside of your run-of-the-mill warehouse and production processes are:

Asset Tracking


Asset tracking is the process used to document all of an organization’s physical assets. Information about assets such as location, category, type and description are recorded along with the asset. Tracking assets digitally can take the manual labor out of asset management; however, systems can be difficult to use and expensive to implement. This is where TransLution Software comes in.

TransLution allows businesses to scan and track assets easily and inexpensively. After labelling assets with unique barcodes, TransLution can be used on any Android device with a camera to scan the barcode information, update the data, and post directly to finance systems. Data is also made available to other 3rd party systems such as BI dashboards. Reports can be viewed, managed and printed with ease.

Managing, storing and reporting on crucial company documents is not only an important business function, but a government mandated requirement for many types of documents.

TransLution Automated Document Management can automatically link files to SYSPRO documents using the barcode found in the file and can be used for any files that need to be linked to documents. The possibilities are endless.

PDF document scanning


EDI document creation


The TransLution Electronic Data Interface (EDI) functionality supports the ability to build EDI documents which can be sent to third parties to share process information.

TransLution not only creates the EDI files in the required format but it is also able to place the files on an FTP server.

Using TransLution, no additional work is required to build an ASN – the data required for the ASN is logged by TransLution and the ASN file is immediately built and placed in the required location for transfer to the client system.

TransLution seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of transporters and carriers. Our system automates the rate retrieval, shipment creation and label generation tasks. By effortlessly transmitting essential information to the carrier, TransLution eliminates the need for manual data entry into carrier applications, streamlining your shipping workflow. We have integrated with major carriers such as DHL, UPS and FedEx, but can integrate with many more and can tailor the integration to suit your specific shipping process. Additionally, we have integrated with CH Robinson to provide comprehensive rate shopping capabilities. Elevate your shipping experience with TransLution’s flexible and efficient integration solutions.

Carrier integration


Repairs management

In a repair shop, tracking jobs and parts and monitoring the repair progress can be a challenging task. TransLution allows you to seamlessly track the entire repair process, as well as job cards and work hours on the tasks.

The system is integrated into your current processes and SYSPRO and the outcome is a complete overview of every aspect of your jobs for easier and faster processing.

By taking advantage of our Android features such as image capture, on-screen signing, and offline processing, TransLution is ideally positioned to assist with your proof of delivery functions. 

We allow for users to scan and capture signatures and images using an Android device without requiring any connectivity, not even 3G.

Proof of Delivery

From our Customers

TransLution didn’t just help us implement a barcode scanning solution, they helped us tighten our processes and achieve success through the barcode scanning solution and outside of the barcode scanning solution
Operations Manager, Hardware Wholesaler

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