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Streamline your specific warehouse management needs

Fully Configurable WMS Tools

At TransLution, we understand that each warehouse is unique, which is why we’ve designed our software to be fully configurable.

Our software allows you to create tailored solutions that precisely address your specific warehouse management needs, whether it’s streamlining receiving processes, optimizing stock management, or efficiently dispatching stock.

Out-of-the-box functionality

In addition to tailored solutions, TransLution also offers standard out-of-the-box functionality. This ready-made functionality is designed to expedite your implementation process and keep your costs in check. It’s a quick, cost-effective solution that can help you get up and running with minimal time and resources. It comes pre-configured with standard functions, labels, documents, and reports.

TransLution’s standard functionality caters for:

  • Standard and lot traceable stock
  • Warehouses with bins
  • SYSPRO integration only



Stock Management

Pack & Ship


The key features of TransLution’s Receiving Module are:

  1. Labelling: Print bin location and stock labels with TransLution’s labelling functions. TransLution ships with a standard set of labels.
  2. Purchase Order Receiving: Users capture received stock on handheld devices. While receiving, TransLution validates the items and quantities against the purchase order. Receipts can be reviewed and corrected by a supervisor before being posted to SYSPRO to create the GRN. Stock can be pre-labelled or labels printed during the receiving process. TransLution ships with standard stock labels and a GRN report.
  3. Goods in Transit: Create GIT’s simply by scanning stock required to be transferred, reviewing, and posting to SYSPRO. When stock reaches the target warehouse, simply scan it to take it out of transit into a bin. TransLution ships with a standard GIT report showing stock in transit.

Warehouse staff was reduced by 50% post implementation of TransLution

Stock Management

The key features of TransLution’s Stock Management Module are:

  1. Labelling: If stock is not labelled as part of your inbound receiving or production process, TransLution’s standard labelling functions allow you to simply label stock in the warehouse. You can also print bin location labels with our standard bin labelling function.
  2. Put Away: Put received stock away from the receiving area into a bin in the warehouse. TransLution suggests to the user appropriate bins to put the stock away into.
  3. Transfers: Effortlessly transfer stock between bins or warehouses with TransLution’s simple transfer functions
  4. Adjustments: Process up adjustments, down adjustments, inventory receipts and expense issues with TransLution’s standard adjustment functionality
  5. Stock Take: With TransLution’s standard stock take functions you can perform stock take on a handheld device. The stock take is automatically posted to the SYSPRO stock take session as stock is counted. You have the option to replace or increment the count. You also have the option to review the stock take in TransLution, mark records for recount and print a recount report. TransLution ships with a standard recount report instructing the user on which stock requires recounting.
  6. Cycle Count: Keep your stock picture accurate with TransLution’s Cycle Count functionality. The user simply counts bins as and when they need to. The counts are then reviewed by a supervisor and can either be accepted and posted to SYSPRO or rejected. TransLution’s standard cycle count offers a single count process, the ability to count any bin and the ability to create lots during the cycle count.
  7. Sales Order Picking: With TransLution’s standard sales order picking, you can print pick slips, pick sales orders and manage dispatch notes. Pickers are suggested the best bins to pick from based on a set of rules.. Once picking is complete, picked stock can either be checked or packed using TransLution’s Pack and Ship module, or if your process ends at picking, the dispatch note status will automatically be updated to “Ready to Invoice”. Picking can also be corrected by cancelling an entire dispatch note or a dispatch note line from within TransLution. TransLution ships with a standard pick slip and dispatch note document.

• Inbound call volume to their Customer Service team dropped 60% because their stock available on the web site used for ordering is now correct and people aren’t calling to ask about outstanding orders.
• ROI within the warehouse for the TransLution costs is less than 1 year not counting what was done for whole goods or Admin. It has transformed their business.

• Reduction in stock count times and effort – annual stock count times were halved
• Order fill rates increased from 90% to 99%
• Reduction in customer complaints: Short supply claims have reduced by 90%

Pack and Ship

The key features of TransLution’s Pack and Ship Module are:

  1. Packing: With TransLution’s standard packing functionality, each picked item is scanned into/onto a handling unit. The handling unit can be anything required to be packed for dispatch – boxes, parcels, pallets, LPNs, etc. TransLution tracks the contents of each handling unit and prints labels and packing slips. The dimensions and mass of each handling unit is also captured.. TransLution ships with standard handling unit labels, a standard packing slip and a dispatch note document.
  2. Checking: TransLution’s standard checking functionality is an alternative to our full packing functionality. If you don’t need to track the contents of your handling units, or perhaps don’t pack handling units at all, you can use this functionality. With TransLution’s checking, each item is checked against the dispatch note to ensure that all items picked are dispatched to the customer.. TransLution ships with a dispatch note document.
  3. Loading: TransLution’s standard loading functionality allows you to create loads and assign dispatch notes to a load. When the truck arrives to collect a load, the truck details are captured, and handling units are scanned onto the truck. This ensures that no handling units are missed in the loading process. TransLution ships with a standard load plan report and load sheet.

Same day order fulfillment went from 40% to 98%. Orders submitted prior to 5pm nearly always ship the same day.”

From our Customers

Initial ROI within 18 months, stock accuracy went up to 99%, turnover increased by 15%
IBMcIntyre (South Africa)
Completely eliminated overtime
South Eastern Aluminum (USA)
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