Accurate Quality Data & Accountability

Accurate Quality Data & Accountability

Offer your customers the traceability they need

The quality benefits of using TransLution™ Software

Quality Tracking & Traceability Tools


Guarantee Your Quality Testing

  • QA workers are prompted with a list of tests required for Inspection Reports, tracking and capturing data throughout the quality testing process. This ensures accuracy and consistency of  your quality test data.

Validate Against Quality Standards

  • Build your own tests and standards, and set your own validations against required outcomes.
  • Validate results during testing and prevent next steps until tests have been completed and validated.

Certify Your Production

  • All data for a particular document number can be viewed and accessed across your business
  • Reports and certificates, such as certificates of authentication, certificates of origin, and certificates of compliance, can be easily and accurately generated.

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Quality Compliant Data

More Ways to Guarantee Your Quality & Traceability

Quality Data is Recorded During Every Process

  • Receiving: Workers record the suppliers invoice number which triggers listing of tests required for the Inspection Report. Supplier batch codes are logged and pallet and unit labels are printed for each item received.
  • Storage: Quality data such as the temperature of cold storage can be captured during the storage of raw materials.
  • Scaling and Batch Processing: Each item (ingredient) is weighed and batched against a bill of materials (recipe). Batches are labelled and readied for production.
  • Pre-Production Checks: Environmental factors and equipment are tested prior to production. Production does not commence until all checks have been completed correctly.
  • Production: TransLution™ can be integrated into production machines and devices.
  • Loading & Dispatch: Data from road weigh-bridges can record the driver, weight, time and date of weigh-in and visual inspection photos for a trucks used for shipping each order.

Enabling Traceability

Once the information has been logged and posted to the SYSPRO software, it can be immediately accessed electronically. All data for a particular document number can be viewed.

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“The ability to track and validate designs in each point during the process is invaluable. the success of document tracking influences the success of production of our final products.”

Devon Dippenaar, Export sales administrator at Melco.

Ready to see how TransLution™ Software can improve your quality data and traceability?

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