In2food Cape Town extending their TransLution Implementation

After our successful initial implementation, In2food Strand is extending the use of TransLution to include Raw Material Receiving; tracking transfers, issues and supplier returns; and extended manufacturing functionality including backflush of manufactured goods. The system will also perform basic quality control data capture.

The first project focussed on the dispatch process. Each Lug box was labelled with a customer label when it was picked for a sales order. As lug boxes were scanned onto dollies, each scan was validated and a dispatch note was automatically created in Syspro once all lug boxes for a given sales order were scanned.

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Rhodes Food using TransLution

The Rhodes Food Group is rolling out TransLution at their finished product and dispatch processes at the Ready to Eat plant in Franschoek and will soon be extending the project to cover receiving of raw materials. TransLution is used to manage and track product movement through production, packaging and dispatch and to post transaction updates to Syspro. The Receiving phase of the project will implement scanning and weighing of pallets as they are received and posting receipt data to Syspro for GRN creation. The volumes of product moved means that it is not ideal to post transactions to Syspro in real time so the system will be implemented using our posting service to log all the transactions as they occur but then to sum the data and post it at a predefined interval in order to reduce ERP transaction volume.

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