How Barcode Scanners Increase Efficiency

barcode-scannerThere’s no doubt that barcode scanners are an essential tool in streamlining data capture, eliminating what used to be a time-intensive manual process.

The use of these handy tools, hold many benefits for businesses, as highlighted in this article on
“Given the many advantages that come from moving from a manual inventory system to barcoding technology, it’s easy to see why so many companies choose to take advantage of barcode scanners.”
– Kevin Kennedy,

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Food Manufacturers: Quality Management Best Practices

2044990_library428In the food manufacture industry, following best practices in quality management will not only guarantee compliance and quality, but also ensure that the significant expensive of massive product recalls can be avoided.

Following best practices can help businesses to avoid common pitfalls such as, high rates of quality failures or the inability to correctly track waste, protecting both your organisation and the consumer.

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