7 Steps to Ensure ERP Implementation Success

2015-05-07_AGG-7-steps-to-ensure-erp-implementation-successERP systems are a big part of TransLution™ Software – integration into a client’s existing ERP is largely what sets TransLution™ apart from other products. As your business expands you may consider changing your ERP system to match the growth of your business, or you might be considering a new ERP system to better suit your needs.

Whatever the case, Columbus Food has a useful, free ebook featuring essential steps to help you avoid failure during an ERP deployment.

“This free eBook will help you to learn how food companies can avoid the risk of ERP implementation failure through Business Process Management.

The eBook will help you:

  • Focus your ERP implementation on your business and not on the technology
  • Centralize your knowledge management to ensure a smoother implementation
  • Standardize your solution to cut down on costs of modifications, training and upgrades
  • Improve the efficiency of your business processes

You can find it here: http://www.columbusglobal.com/en/Campaigns/Food-ERP-Implementation-Risk


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