How to choose a label adhesive

barcode-lableSelecting an adhesive for labels seems like it should be as easy as just picking a label, but there are actually a number of factors that should be considered to ensure the correct adhesive for the long term.

So what points should be decided before choosing an adhesive?

  1. Should the labels be permanent or removable?
  2. If permanent, how long are the labels going to need to stay on?
  3. What is the label being adhered to?
  4. Is the label going to be exposed to different physical environments or temperatures?

The different adhesives and their applications

There are a number of different types of adhesives, each made with a variety of different materials. The most common are acrylic, rubber and water-based.

  1. Permanent adhesives are probably the most common type and designed to remain adhered after first contact. Water-based, rubber and acrylic adhesives are all used for permanent labels, however each have their limitations. Water-based adhesives, for example, should not be exposed to moist environments, while rubber adhesives break down when exposed to sunlight. Acrylic based adhesives are most useful for labels that need to withstand time and frequent handling.
  2. Peelable adhesives are designed to allow the label to be removed. However they may leave some residue, so for certain items they may not be suitable.
  3. Ultra-peelable adhesives are a good replacement for peelable labels that need to be applied to items that require labels to be easily removed. A weak adhesion means that if used incorrectly these labels may fall off.
  4. Freezer or frost fix adhesives are designed specifically to be used in extremely low temperatures. While conventional adhesives become ineffective, frost fix adhesives will still adhere at temperatures below -30°C, ideal for food products that require freezing.
  5. Static cling labels do not actually use a traditional adhesive, rather using static charge to stick to extremely smooth surfaces such as glass.
  6. High temperature adhesives are designed to withstand high temperatures for short periods, making them ideal for applications where high levels of heat resistance are required.

TransLution has done extensive testing on labels for many different clients, such as labels that needed to be left outdoors or removable labels for reflective objects.

When integrating TransLution™ into your processes, we can help you to test all options and decide on the best solution.

Contact us with any questions you may have about getting started with TransLution™ Software.

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