How Barcode Technology Is Improving Manufacturing

26037477_lBarcodes and manufacturing are coming to work hand in hand. The use of new barcoding technologies have revolutionised the warehousing and manufacturing industries. took a look at some emerging trends in barcode technology, and how the use of barcodes has transformed manufacturing.

Some of the highlights:

  1. More industries are adopting the data matrix barcodes for true traceability
  2. The advances in DSP technology and speed of CMOS imagers have enabled image based barcode readers to be able to perform the high speed 1-D barcode reading
  3. 2-D, barcodes have provided significant advantages over 1-D codes
  4. DSPs and LED technology has allowed image based barcode scanners to become extremely small and mobile
  5. Barcodes are storing more information allowing for improved traceability, real time inventory tracking, and long term quality checking

You can read the full article here: Q&A: How Barcode Technology Is Achieving ‘Quantum Leaps’ in Manufacturing

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