Food Safety and Compliance

workers in food processing production lineProduct recalls are a nightmare for those in the food production industry; they can cause long-term damage to a brand so strict safety and compliance regulations become an extremely important fact of business.

Infor has compiled some extensive research and guidance on food safety and compliance that we think might be an interesting read for those in the industry.

“Food safety and recall effectiveness is not a single-issue event. It covers multiple business processes and crosses many disciplines. Product recalls can do potentially irreparable damage to brands and can even put companies out of business for good. You can’t wait for a problem to arise before you implement a food safety or recall plan. Your response will be too slow and ineffective. You’ll lose customers, tarnish your reputation, and rack up significant costs.”

The document looks at improving processes for recall effectiveness, and how technology (like TransLution™ Software) can improve not only your safety and compliance, but your ability to recall as well.

It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of all the aspects of production that should be assessed so that you never find your organisation sustaining damage in the event of a recall.

You can find the paper here: Technical Paper – Food Safety and Compliance

You can also find out more about how TransLution™ Quality Manager is used in food production to improve compliance. 

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