Quality assured: How sure are you?

Afrisoft_software_solutions_for_food_industryTransLution was featured recently in South African Food Review, talking about quality assurance in the factory.

“An essential aspect of every food manufacturer’s operations, quality assurance ensures food safety and guarantees the customer that food meets a clear, consistent set of standards. Quality assurance is a highly demanding task to manage in a quantity-driven production environment. Current practices need to be revisited to keep pace with more complex production processes and ever-more stringent requirements being placed on the food sector.

‘Quality control is a multifaceted task that requires a factory to test and monitor the handling of ingredients throughout the production process,’ states Afrisoft Africa consultant Kelly Bokelmann. ‘It involves traceability, storage, hygiene, temperature control, laboratory testing and sampling as well as packaging – an intricate process to manage and monitor.'”

Read the full article here: Quality assured: How sure are you?

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