How to Simplify Data Capture on the Warehouse Floor

Manager In Warehouse With ClipboardAccurate data capture on the warehouse floor is the key to proper tracking and efficiency. Without accurate data, how can you identify problems and improve processing? Manual data capture tends to be is time consuming, inefficient, and inaccurate, and the manual input of this data into your ERP system leaves further room for inefficiency and error.

So what should you be doing to simplify and streamline your data capture?

Using technology like a warehouse management system can help you to quickly move products and process data, can help you save time and increase productivity, as well as reduce the margin for error.

Integrating new technology

Your ERP system is currently the central point for all your data. So naturally, any new technology you use needs to be integrated into your ERP to create a complete and comprehensive system for capturing, recording, and processing your data. This complete system should:

  • Improve your productivity and help you to reduce costs
  • Eliminate manual data capture and processing errors as well as data inaccuracy.
  • Simplify your material and resource processes
  • Offer your warehouse staff technologies such as wireless data capture solutions with functions that simplify and improve their ability to capture and process data.
  • Increase the speed of processing as information is shared across the business, both onsite and offsite.

What to look for in your technology

  • Mobile data capture and wireless integration: does the system allow users to carry mobile capture devices and will the system post the data wirelessly and automatically to your ERP?
  • Automation: does this system allow for users to automatically capture data? Does it automatically integrate this data you’re your existing ERP? Will it reduce manual processing errors and inaccuracies?
  • Simplification: can this system reduce the number of transactions required to complete a task? Does it offer ease-of-use for the users on the warehouse floor? Will it improve users’ ability to complete their tasks quickly and capture data accurately?
  • Communication: does this system have the ability to communicate outside of your factory floor, for example to customers and suppliers?

Technology such as TransLution™ Software is going a long way to improving data capture on the warehouse floor, ultimately improving productivity and the bottom line. To find out more about TransLution™ and how it can improve your data capture and warehouse management, click here to download a warehouse management brochure, or contact us to discuss your needs.

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