3 Ways Barcoding can Improve your Operations

2015-10-22_how-barcode-scanners-improve-operationsBarcode scanners have become an integral part of warehousing and manufacturing. The simplicity of storing information in a barcode and the ability to recall the information automatically with a scanner has revolutionised production processes worldwide.

With this fact in mind, it is surprising that many organisations still aren’t utilising barcode technology to their full advantage. Here are just some of the ways barcodes can improve your production processes.

1. Simplifying, Automating and Improving Accuracy of Data Collection

Data collection that is still managed manually using paper and clipboards is bound to be fraught with inaccuracies and inefficiencies. The virtual collection of data using barcodes and barcode scanners is not only likely to be more accurate, but it allows for instant access to information, making your process traceable. Using barcodes to manage data can improve productivity in almost every area of your organisation.

2. Improving Inventory and Stock Control Efficiency

Keeping track of inventory can be one of the most challenging aspects of warehousing, manufacturing or production. Utilising barcodes for stock and inventory control allows complete traceability and tracking of all parts, materials or supplies moving through your organisation. From receiving to dispatching, knowing what you have, where it is and what it is being used for will improve efficiency and productivity, reduce wastage and ultimately save your organisation money.

3. Organise Shipping and Receiving

Expanding on data collection, barcoding can significantly improve your receiving and shipping processes. By using labels to identify important data about goods coming in and going out, and capturing this data automatically, every aspect of the production process can be tracked and optimised. Information such as PO numbers, suppliers, date of delivery, lot numbers, etc. are a part of the item’s history and can be accessed at any point.

Barcode labels for shipping offers an extremely effective means for tracking your outgoing goods and can even improve your ability for a product recall should it be required.

If you would like to know more about how TransLution™ Software utilises barcodes to improve productivity and traceability, please contact us.

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