Food Safety and Language Barriers on the Food Processing Line

languageFood safety is a global issue in the production industry. An article in looks at how the language barrier on the production floor may affect food safety compliance, and how to address these issues.

“[Food safety] is a very complex system with many interdependent parts, and the most critical factor is the workforce, because employees monitor, control and correct as well as contribute to many of the food safety issues we face each day.”While the article looks specifically at the US, language and cultural barriers are a challenge faced by many countries, including South Africa.

“Tension, misunderstandings about work, safety risks, inefficiencies and the inability to communicate effectively with supervisors all can escalate when people speak in different languages. Additionally, non-English-speaking groups are more reluctant than English-speaking employees to communicate issues such as safety practices, specifically, food safety practices with managers.”

The article looks at attitudes, behaviours and cultures, and simple changes management can make to improve communication.

Click here to read the full article: Food Safety and Language Barriers on the Food Processing Line

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