Traceability helps firms prevent and recover from foodborne illness

test_tubeIn the food and beverage manufacturing industry there is always a risk of contamination and the ability to trace ingredients, parts and lots to the source is essential to food safety. Efficient operations are the key to ensuring that safety regulations are met and that food production stays profitable.

An article on outlines some of the advantages of traceability in avoiding foodborne illness and retaining customers.
“Today’s food manufacturers must be able to ensure brand protection – no processor or distributor wants the bad reputation associated with selling a tainted product. Customers are likely to stray from brands known for bad quality. Luckily, the same systems that ensure food safety can also be used to streamline operations. These systems utilize automated traceability.”

“Thanks to automated tracking systems, the source of contaminated pet food in 2007 was traced back to wheat gluten in Wangdien, China. Companies were then able to quickly identify and pull the affected items off store shelves and prevent any of the remaining stock from ever leaving warehouses. In the end, fast and efficient recalls helped assure pet owners that their furry friends were safe from the risk of coming into contact with the contaminated packages.”

You can find the full article here: Traceability helps firms prevent and recover from foodborne illness

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