Herbal And Homeopathic chooses TransLution™ for production tracking

Herbal And Homeopathic is a South African manufacturer of natural pharmaceutical products. Production of these pharmaceuticals is a complex process, involving tracking of many raw and packing materials in and out of the production facility. All materials are tested by the lab before they can be released into the storage area for issuing to production. Furthermore, all of the materials have expiry dates and supplier batches must be tracked throughout the storage and production processes. One of the major challenges in the process was to count the material stock in the storage area, which was both time consuming and fraught with errors caused by the incorrect recording of the stock.

In order to address and overcome these complexities and streamline the counting of the stock, Herbal and Homeopathic chose TransLution™ Software for its barcode scanning and SYSPRO ERP integration capabilities.

The whole process of receiving of goods from suppliers, labelling of goods after lab tests, storage of goods and issuing and receiving from production is handled by TransLution™ Software. Each container is assigned a unique number which is traced throughout its life within the facility and users only scan the barcode assigned to each container to receive, move, issue and count goods. The system tracks the stock item, quantity in the container, and supplier batch number with one easy scan. This has made these processes quicker, easier and more accurate and ultimately contributes to a more accurate and streamlined stock counting process.

This implementation was done by RSA Enterprise Software Solutions which specialises in helping clients extract value for their businesses with the use of technology. They have more than 10 years consulting experience in the manufacturing industry using the SYSPRO ERP system.

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