The Future of Pallets

Future of palletsThe wooden pallet has dominated the industry for years but changing demands have brought about new options that cater to differing needs. Wood, paper, metal or plastic, pallets come in every variety, but which is the most likely to carry forward into the future? looks at the different pallet materials and how they stand up against the traditional wood variety in a number of scenarios.

“Would you say a wooden pallet is the best option if you are looking to send products on a pallet by air freight? Well, when there is the option of saving 20kg of ‘dead weight’ by changing to a robust paper pallet (like the ISPM 15 Exempt Pallite®!), then probably not?”

“What about sending in pharmaceutical products into an extremely clean, hygienic area? Certainly not. Some of the most sterile areas demand nothing but plastic (that can be cleaned very easily).”

You can read the full article here: “The pen is mightier than the sword”, but is the paper pallet mightier than the wooden pallet?


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