5 Ways to streamline your supply chain

Streamline your supply chainErrors and inefficiencies in the supply chain are common problems that ultimately affect the bottom line of your business. So how do we reduce waste and improve productivity?

Following on from our previous article Understanding and Managing the Bullwhip Effect, we are looking at further ways to improve and streamline the supply chain.

1. Automate

As tempting as it is to stick to managing data with spreadsheets, the digital age has provided plenty of useful tools to help you automate your production and business processes.

The right automation tools can eliminate most human error and speed up procedures. They can also give an accurate overview of the supply chain – they can help you to decide where improvements need to be made and where opportunities exist.

2. Manage information

Efficient collection of information through automation is only part of the battle. Information alone is not enough – it needs to be relevant and useful. Your ERP software should be set up to facilitate a leaner supply chain by managing and supplying the right information when you need it in the format you need it.

3. Forecast & Analyse

Accurate forecasting of both customer and supplier patterns can make planning easier going forward. Contact your customers and suppliers regularly to learn about expected and suspected changes to order patterns. Use the data from your ERP to create forecasts and facilitate better planning.

The supply chain doesn’t end when products have been delivered. Analyse your customer data to track successes and shortfalls and use this information to make improvements where needed.

4. Develop Standards for Procedures 

Consistent procedures along the supply chain ensure that management and employees are always sure of what they are doing. This reduces errors and miscommunication which ultimately saves time and money. Focus on standardising procedures in the areas with the highest likelihood for variation.

5. Use real-time inventory management

Automation and inventory management go hand in hand. Updating your inventory data using spreadsheets is slow and imprecise and can cause delays all the way down your supply chain. Automating the data allows you real-time visibility of your exact inventory – ultimately providing better processing, forecasting and management.

TransLution™ Software utilises barcode scanners to send production data directly to your business ERP.  If you would like to know more about how TransLution™ Software can improve your supply chain management, productivity and traceability, please contact us.

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