Why Warehouse Management System and ERP integration is important

How important is the integration of your Warehouse Management System and ERP? In today’s warehouses, automation of processes and access to accurate, real-time data can give an organization a competitive advantage.

More and more companies are moving toward digitization on the warehouse floor after seeing the positive impact on efficiency. But often integration with an ERP is either overlooked or fraught with complications. This leaves a large gap in a potentially streamlined process and many organizations are missing out on the benefits.

Benefits of a seamless integration between a warehouse management system and ERP

1. Reduces human error and improves accuracy

Fundamentally integration between data systems should streamline data entry and processing, removing much of the manual influence. When data is inputted into one system, it automatically updates the other. This eliminates the possibility of human error and ensures that data across the organization is up-to-date and reliably accurate.

2. Improve efficiency

The integration of data into your ERP speeds up processing and having accurate data available in real time can boost efficiency across the whole organization. Having data such as cycle counts, stock, picking and sales orders available in real-time makes processing easier and increases productivity.

3. Improve decision making

Decisions driven by data and analysis are more likely to facilitate positive change in the organization. Data that is not integrated across your systems is not readily available to all involved. Managers cannot track and improve productivity. Sales can’t easily track and update orders and track. Shared information that is available to everyone allows each department to operate efficiently.

TransLution™ Software can be customized to completely transform your data and improve your productivity. If you would like to know more about how TransLution™ Software can help streamline data across your organization, please contact us.
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