Hardware Integration

Seamless Hardware Integration

Extend your ERP to integrate seamlessly with
hardware and other devices

Integrate & Communicate with Scales, Weighbridges & other IoT devices

Immediate and direct data collection from the shop floor

Scales & Weighbridge Integration

  • Communicate with virtually any type of scale or weighbridge.
  • Easily read data directly from the device and log the results into a database.

Two-way Equipment Communication

  • Interface with electronic Input/Output (IO) devices on the factory floor to record information and trigger events using pre-programmed settings from your ERP.

High Speed Weighing & Labelling

  • Easily manage variable weight products with high-speed weighing and labeling during the packing process.
  • Weigh, portion, and label large quantities required by supermarket chains
  • Automatically track weights per item and per carton during the packaging process

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Flow meters, Analytical Testing Equipment & More...

Start your journey to full manufacturing automation, extending your management system to integrate seamlessly with hardware and other devices.

Communicate with virtually any type of:

  • Scales or weigh-bridges
  • Flow meters
  • Analytical testing equipment
  • Temperature gauges on cold storage facilities and temperature controlled trucks
  • Adam switches, traffic lights, controllers

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“Setup can take time but if you make use of the system properly, it’s worth every second. The TransLution™ system gives me a much better grip on what’s happening on the factory floor. It’s not the kind of information you could have unless you were able to personally be at every machine during every step of the manufacturing process.”

Manie Paulsen, Production Foreman at Melco

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