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Take control of your production & business processes

TransLution™ Software automatically collects, manages and processes key business data across internal and third party software systems.

How it works

TransLution Software is implemented at key points in your organization’s procedures to capture and automatically process business data. It integrates seamlessly with internal business systems, such as ERP, and third party systems outside of the organization, managing the flow of data across the entire supply chain.

Data is captured using barcode scanners, touch-screen computers, direct integration to scales, flow meters, analytical testing equipment and other plant equipment.

Activities recorded are fed to operators and other software systems as they happen. Data can trigger other automated processes to occur or be analyzed and manipulated to improve business functions.

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A Few Benefits

  • Integrate internal and third party software systems
  • Control stock and manage stock loss
  • See a dramatic reduction in wastage
  • Reduce mis-shipments
  • Increase order fill rates
  • Improve lead times
  • Effectively manage and improve the quality of your products and services
  • Have trackable data available across your entire enterprise. And more…

TransLution™ system will dramatically improve your business

What is your challenge?

Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

Accurately and efficiently manage all warehouse  & inventory control functions.

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Sales order checking
& dispatch

Improve sales order checking and dispatch processes for effective and accurate business function.

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Quality &

Effectively record and track samples and products, improving quality and traceability, and ensuring compliance.

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Repairs Process

Overcome the challenges of monitoring and tracking jobs and parts.

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Labor & Materials Tracking

Better manage production and labor resources with effective tracking.

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Other Challenges

TransLution™ is a versatile system that can be customized to address any number of challenges.


Key Features

Data Acquisition & Tracking

Track materials, resources and other business data automatically with a simple interface. Resolve your production problems immediately with real-time access to the data at each stage in the production process.

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Internal Business System Integration

Integrate seamlessly with internal business systems such as ERP software. Scale to support hundreds of devices and thousands of transactions per hour.


Third-party Business Software Integration

Integrate production and ERP data with business systems outside of your organization for seamless data processing across the supply chain.

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Advanced Data Analysis

Ensure consistent quality standards and keep well-documented reports including real-time recording of lot number controls, labor, machine usage and quality testing.

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Some companies using TransLution™ in their warehouses and factories: