CCG chooses TransLution™ for managing warehouse stock take

CCG, a specialised manufacturer of cable glands and junction boxes, has chosen Afrisoft and TransLution™ to assist them with warehouse management, specifically managing stock take processes across its various warehouses.

CCG is recognised as one of the major specialised manufacturers of cable glands and junction boxes in the world employing over 200 dedicated people. CCG’s policy of “building in safety” and “designing out complexity” has meant that discerning engineers world-wide have recognised CCG’s products for their time and wastage saving features. Where applicable, CCG Products are internationally certified to British, CENELEC/ATEX, Chinese, South African, IEC and Australian standards. With a fail-safe design, a quality approach to manufacturing and a dedicated international distribution and service network, the following companies, amongst others, have specified, used and put faith in the CCG Products.

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