TransLution V3.6.1 Release Notes

TransLution™ 3.61 is a release that focuses on improving the installation and upgrade process. We are shipping 3.61 with both an install utility and an upgrade utility to upgrade older databases.

In addition to this, we have made some significant enhancements to the General Posting Service and some end-user enhancements too.

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Choosing Materials for Barcode Labels

Sticky labels

Choosing the right labels for the production floor is a challenge that many of our clients come up against. There are many variations and ultimately they want to choose something that is going to be suitable for years to come.

Previously, we talked about Choosing Label Adhesives and the best adhesives for different applications. Choosing a material for your barcode labels is equally as important and also depends ultimately on what you intend to use them for and the kinds of environments they will be exposed to.

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Academy Brushware implements TransLution™ Software to assist with stock take

Academy Brushware has implemented TransLution™ Software to assist them with their stock take processes.

Academy Brushware produces and distributes a complete range of painting utensils and tools, as well as a wide choice of brooms, for both domestic and industrial use. Academy Brushware also boasts an industrial division where very exact and specific brushes are produced to satisfy the needs of a variety of organisational needs such as road sweepers, rotary brushes, wire-twisted brushes, car washing applicators. These are either machine-made, wire drawn or of manual manufacture. No matter the demands of the customer, they strive to satisfy.

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Printing Barcodes: The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Barcodes are particularly useful for tracking information in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. To help you get started, has compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about barcodes.

The questions include:

What type of barcode do I need?
What type of printer will I need to print barcode labels?

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