TransLution V3.6.1 Release Notes

TransLution™ 3.61 is a release that focuses on improving the installation and upgrade process. We are shipping 3.61 with both an install utility and an upgrade utility to upgrade older databases.

In addition to this, we have made some significant enhancements to the General Posting Service and some end-user enhancements too.

TransLution™ now supports a new category of business object – SETUP Business Objects. These allow users to change the setup of inventory items or customers. For example if the default bin of an item needs to be changed, this requires the SETUP business object.

TransLution™ EazyInstall and Upgrade Utility

The EazyInstall Utility can be run directly from the TransLution™ Installation folder and it presents you with a quick and easy way to see what is already installed and to install (and uninstall) the required elements.

General Posting Service Enhancements

The General Posting Service has had two significant changes made to it. It is now possible to configure a period during the day when the service does not run. This was introduced so that day-end functions in Syspro did not lock records and cause posts to fail. Users can still scan at any time as before but any scans that occur during the non-running time are simply buffered until posting can begin again.

Also, the General Posting Service can now support multiple TransLution™ databases and multiple Syspro companies.

End-User Changes

We have added an enhancement to the EazyTouch scanning function where with a standard scanning function, users can now view a history of scanned data directly on the EazyTouch scanner prompt form.


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