Planning for Warehouse Expansion

expansionUndertaking expansion in an organisation can be difficult, but it creates an opportunity to plan out not only current needs but future growth as well.

A case study on looks at how a UK-based company thoroughly assessed their current and future requirements to find an expansion solution that would carry them into the future.

“Piccadilly Greetings Group are one of the UK’s leading greeting card publishers and manufacturers, with a product range of over 5,000 designs as well as own label products and fully bespoke stock control for major UK and international retailers. With offices, design studio, warehouse and production facility in Hemel Hempstead, they recently realised the need to take on additional space to cope with growing demand. When a warehouse next door became available, this provided perfect expansion opportunity.

Knowing that they would need to have additional equipment installed, they approached SEC Storage and a number of providers to assist in the design of the new storage systems. However, due to SEC Storage’s unique approach, it provided Piccadilly Greetings the opportunity to re-assess their entire storage methods and operation, not just the new warehouse.”

You can read the full case study here: Greeting the future of storage

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