Uniplate South Africa implements TransLution™ Software to improve manufacturing processes

Uniplate South Africa, one of the largest number plate companies in Africa, is recognised as an industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and servicing of hydraulic number plate presses, manual embossing equipment, embossing toolsets, hot foil stamping, and roller coating machines.

Uniplate has worked with Afrisoft Africa to implement a TransLution™ Software system at their factory in Pretoria. TransLution™ Software is used from the job receiving process at the end of manufacturing through to picking and invoicing sales orders.

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10 Ways to Improve Order Picking Productivity

With such a multitude of methods, techniques, processes, and technologies available, reducing the operating costs of a distribution operation presents an interesting challenge. A good approach is to start with improving the efficiency of order picking.

In this article on www.cisco-eagle.com, Charles Fallon of LLD outlines 10 ways for distribution centre managers to boost their order picking crew’s performance.

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