Yamaha selects TransLution™ Software to improve receiving and checking

Yamaha South Africa offers a huge range of products from motorcycles to audio equipment.

Afrisoft was approached to implement a pilot project in Yamaha’s Audio division in Johannesburg, implementing scanners with TransLution™ Software to two areas: Landed Cost Tracking for receipt of imported goods and Sales Order checking to check items that are picked against customer orders.

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Understanding and managing the Bullwhip Effect on your supply chain

Inefficiencies in the supply chain can cause a phenomenon referred to as the Bullwhip Effect. The idea, first identified by MIT professor Jay Forrester, identifies a trend of ever-increasing swings in inventory in response to shifts in customer demand as one looks further back in the supply chain. In other words, small variances in demand in lower parts of the supply chain create larger variances higher up the chain as we get closer to raw materials.

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Coleus implements TransLution Software to track materials

Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd is the largest and most dominant crown supplier of metal bottle closures (crowns) for the brewing and bottling industries in Africa, producing over 6 billion crowns a year and supplying to over 10 countries.

With this large scale production Coleus required the ability to track the steel used in manufacturing, and they turned to Afrisoft Africa for a solution.

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