What’s New in TransLution V4.4

There were a number of enhancements in TransLution™ V4.4 – Release Date 10 Nov 2017. The most significant areas of change is the addition of two new functions, unattended functions and Visual Basic step types.

The extension for  unattended functions allows TransLution™ to run functions at any time without operator intervention or frequency intervals.

The addition of Visual Basic Step Types allows TransLution to run Visual Basic to to perform almost any function, for example: posting data that was scanned yesterday or last week to third party software. In addition, this new feature allows users to run Visual Basic whilst scanning which means users can trigger functions such as printing labels directly from a scanner.


  • Suggestion Prompts
  • General Grid
  • Business Object Event Form
  • Standard Step Function Areas
  • Setup and Usability
  • New Form – Comm Settings
  • Fixes and Enhancements

To download the full release notes please click here >>

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