TruSweets implements TransLution Software to maximise its warehouse operations

In 2001, TruSweets committed to this simple promise and they’ve been pouring their hearts into it ever since making organic, better-for-you products that sweeten moments for you as they sweeten lives for others.  The result? Wholesome sugars, honeys and treats that are more than delicious- they’re mindfully delicious. Sweet is always better when its Wholesome!

With a rapidly expanding business, TruSweets doubled its warehouse holding capacity and needed a dynamic warehouse management system that would streamline its warehouse operations.  TransLution Software LLC has worked with TruSweets to implement a solution that integrated with the organisations existing SYSPRO system in real time.

TruSweets uses TransLution for Receiving, Put-Away, Production Picking, Production Receipting, Warehouse/Bin Transfers, Sales Order Picking and Stock Takes. Case label barcodes are created at Receiving, these labels include the Stock Code and Lot number, additional information like the Best-By-Date and Quantity are also printed on the labels.  Stock is tracked by Lot number created on Production as the Julian Date.  Picking is prioritised by Best-By-Date to ensure the optimal turnaround of stock.

TransLution Software also tracks Labor on jobs and posts directly to SYSPRO. Stock on Quality hold can only be transferred by a Supervisor, ensuring that the incorrect stock does not get shipped out, reducing losses.

The biggest win for TruSweets is that they have their Head Quarters in Houston Texas and for one week of every month, SYSPRO is down for financial reasons, TransLution Software was designed to keep the operation running at optimal during this blackout period.  Transactions are written to a Buffer Post table and once SYSPRO is up again, everything gets posted to SYSPRO and they are live again. TransLution ensures there is always visibility on the operation even during the blackout period.

TruSweets uses Cycle Counting in TransLution to keep an accurate record of the stock and SYSPRO is updated in real time so the source of truth is always correct.  They recently did a wall-to-wall stock take of its warehouse and what in the past took a week, took a day to be done with no issues.  A sweet end to a great project.

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