JAYCOR International Implements TransLution Software scanning solution to improve inventory control processes

JAYCOR International provides a wide array of products & services across multiple verticals, from Industrial, Energy, Transport, Broadcast, Defence, Mining, Oil&Gas, and Marine, to Healthcare, Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Data Center and Cloud services companies in Africa.

JAYCOR selected TransLution Software to help them implement a scanning solution to improve their inventory control processes within the JAYCOR International (Sandton) warehouse.

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Top 25 Warehouse KPIs: Storage & Inventory

Part Four of The Importance of Measuring and Utilizing KPIs in Warehousing.

This article is part three of our six-part KIPs in Warehousing series. Click here to read part one: The Importance of Measuring and Utilizing KPIs in Warehousing: Storage & Inventory.
A messy warehouse is an inefficient warehouse. Further, the longer inventory stays in the warehouse, the more it costs a business. For this reason, tracking storage efficiency and inventory is essential to optimising your warehouse.

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