Mopani Copper Mine: Mining

TransLution™ Africa was tasked to deploy our manufacturing and warehouse information gathering software, TransLution™, to assist mining managers to accurately report back on all mining operations in real time, at all times and continue to produce quality materials, on time.

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Manufacturing Case Study: Mining Equipment

This client manufactures and repairs large mining equipment. The repair sector requires that spare parts are kept on-site. As a result, the environment is a combination of a standard warehouse and a complex manufacturing setting. The company’s largest challenge is to manage the conflicting requirements of parts for its manufacturing business with demand from the repair and sales arm, particularly if there is a supply crunch on critical parts.

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Warehousing Case Study: Mining

This project was implemented for a mine in the DRC, specifically in the stores area where spares and other mining equipment are kept. While the store was not large, the client had never had a mechanism to manage stock accuracy on the floor and was experiencing severe losses and stock accuracy problems.

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