Barcodes: Colours and Contrast

26037477_lBarcodes are an essential tool in the production and warehousing industries. If you haven’t already read our Introduction to Barcodes, it’s a very good starting point for everything you need to know about barcodes.

But how do colour and contrast affect the scan-ability of a barcode? It’s important to understand how barcodes and barcode scanners work, in order to ensure that they will scan every time.

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Food Safety and Compliance

workers in food processing production lineProduct recalls are a nightmare for those in the food production industry; they can cause long-term damage to a brand so strict safety and compliance regulations become an extremely important fact of business.

Infor has compiled some extensive research and guidance on food safety and compliance that we think might be an interesting read for those in the industry.

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BPW uses TransLution™ Software to manage manufacturing and production

BPW, a UK-based manufacturer of truck axels and sub-assemblies, chose to use the TransLution™ Software’s Windows Scanner and Windows Touch Screen devices in various parts of its factory.

The company BPW Bergische Achsen KG was established in 1898 producing axles from steel for coaches and wagon. Today there are 45 “daughter” companies in 25 countries worldwide. The South African subsidiary, BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd, has been operating in South Africa for over 40 years, manufacturing the latest BPW running gear range and components for all light/heavy duty applications for Southern Africa.

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Quality assured: How sure are you?

Afrisoft_software_solutions_for_food_industryTransLution was featured recently in South African Food Review, talking about quality assurance in the factory.

“An essential aspect of every food manufacturer’s operations, quality assurance ensures food safety and guarantees the customer that food meets a clear, consistent set of standards. Quality assurance is a highly demanding task to manage in a quantity-driven production environment. Current practices need to be revisited to keep pace with more complex production processes and ever-more stringent requirements being placed on the food sector.

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