How to Simplify Data Capture on the Warehouse Floor

Manager In Warehouse With ClipboardAccurate data capture on the warehouse floor is the key to proper tracking and efficiency. Without accurate data, how can you identify problems and improve processing? Manual data capture tends to be is time consuming, inefficient, and inaccurate, and the manual input of this data into your ERP system leaves further room for inefficiency and error.

So what should you be doing to simplify and streamline your data capture?

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Anchor Yeast implements TransLution™ Software to assist with warehouse management

Anchor Yeast has implemented TransLution™ Software to assist them with various warehouse management functions.

Anchor Yeast is the leading yeast manufacturer in Southern Africa, and through its recent acquisition by Lallemand, a Canadian-based company; has now acquired an international footprint. The company is committed to developing dynamic associations with customers, employees, suppliers and all relevant stakeholders; resulting in high-quality products and services, innovative applications and a total commitment to customers all over the world.

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B&J Steenburg Engineering Construction uses TransLution™

B&J Steenburg Engineering Construction has installed TransLution™ Software to assist them with various business processes.

B&J Steenberg Engineering fabricates multiple metal components and structures, which strictly adhere to the client’s specifications and delivery requirements.

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