Altech chooses TransLution™ for repairs management

Altech is a South African telecommunications company providing a range of communication and electronic services and products. Altech, together with Bytes Technology Group, forms part of the Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) division of Altron, its parent company.

One of Altech’s services includes production and maintenance of credit card payment terminals, for which they have selected TransLution™ to assist them in managing the Repairs Process.  As items are received for repairs they are logged into the system and scanned. The terminal is sent to a technician to determine the fault and the repair requirements.

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3 Ways Barcoding can Improve your Operations

2015-10-22_how-barcode-scanners-improve-operationsBarcode scanners have become an integral part of warehousing and manufacturing. The simplicity of storing information in a barcode and the ability to recall the information automatically with a scanner has revolutionised production processes worldwide.

With this fact in mind, it is surprising that many organisations still aren’t utilising barcode technology to their full advantage. Here are just some of the ways barcodes can improve your production processes.

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Release Notes TransLution™ Version 3.62 – Release Date 28 Sep 2015

Release Summary

The key end user benefits of 3.62 relate to our ongoing improvements for allowing TransLution to work in a multi-company environment.  Now when logging onto either an EazyScan or EazyTouch client, or the TransLution Configurator, users can select at that point which company they want to log on to.

We have also made significant strides in making it simpler for customers to maintain their site information without the need to call someone for support. It is possible, when adding a new device to the system to simply copy permissions from an existing device rather than having to set up permissions from scratch. Users can also be copied from existing users. Menu structures have also changed to support our ease of use efforts.

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Food Safety and Language Barriers on the Food Processing Line

languageFood safety is a global issue in the production industry. An article in looks at how the language barrier on the production floor may affect food safety compliance, and how to address these issues.

“[Food safety] is a very complex system with many interdependent parts, and the most critical factor is the workforce, because employees monitor, control and correct as well as contribute to many of the food safety issues we face each day.”

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